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Weekly update - August 21, 2023

Good morning band families!

This past weekend's Mile of Money was a huge success, we were able to raise just a little over $1900! Our Snap Raise is going strong as well, as of this morning we are at $8,628! This is a huge fundraiser for our general fund, so if you know anyone, please have your student email them for donations. Last year we were able to raise $22,000. People are able to donate through Snap Raise until September 15.

This week we have Rehearsal on Tuesday from 4-7pm and guard has rehearsal on Thursday from 6-9pm.

We need to fill our snack closet. At each football game, parade, and competition we provide the students a snack to help keep them going, but our snack closet is not looking very good. If you are headed out to the grocery store and are able to pick up a box of granola bars, Poptarts, gold fish, etc...any individually wrapped snack and donate it to the band, that would be very appreciated. You can drop them off to me on Tuesday at 6:30pm in the parking lot, and I will take them inside.

We will be having our annual Showcase fundraiser on September 16th at 2pm at Horizon. This is such a fun event with two parts: the In N' Out tailgate and the Show. You will be receiving an email from me later today with all the details of the Showcase.

Lastly, I have attached the Sign Up Genius links for both chaperoning and helping with the Hawk Haulers, plus an updated calendar.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Jess Hughes

HHSBPA President

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