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Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for the Horizon Jazz Program for the 2022-23 School Year! I could not be more excited for how strong all three jazz groups are going to be! Couple of things to consider before looking at the results:

● There were only so many spots open in the upper two groups, and it was a VERY competitive year. We have one of the largest jazz programs in the state, so it’s always going to be a competitive process to get into the top two ensembles.

● I thought everyone had quality auditions, but the first priority was making sure each group can function and has enough parts covered to play big band jazz music. What this means is that each group will benefit and start at a higher level with strong players in all three ensembles.

● The quality of the ensemble is not based on the class, it is based on the hard work each individual brings to every rehearsal, every performance, and to their own individual practice. That’s what will allow each ensemble to grow and play great music that will be fun and challenging to all of the players! (I.e. If we have strong players in any given section, it’s more likely that we pick music that features and challenges the strengths of the band, while also picking music that lets us get better at our weaknesses.

● Please let me know if you’d like any individual feedback on your audition! There is a good reason why I have everyone placed where they are, so more insight will help understand why I placed everyone where I feel they will be most successful and grow throughout the next year.


● Take this audition as an opportunity and experience to learn from! What would you like to improve on? What are your overall goals? Identifying those will help carve your path to success and be where you want to be!


● And finally, the students listed below are only the ones who signed up on the google form for a spot in the jazz program. Once registration information is complete, the lists will adjust with more people in Jazz 3 who missed the google form. 

Jazz 2022-2023 Results!

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