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Band Camp - Snack and Volunteer Sign Up

Good afternoon band parents! As promised, below is the link to sign up to bring fruit and/or popsicles during band camp. Please plan for 100-110 kids each day. If you sign up to bring popsicles that require scissors to open them, like Otter Pops, PLEASE BRING A COUPLE OF PAIR OF SCISSORS WITH YOU.

We would like to have the fruit at the school at about 10:00AM and the popsicles at about 3:30PM. There will be a table to set the fruit on. We have found it easiest if you bring popsicles in a cooler.

Additionally, you will also find a sign up to help with uniform fitting during band camp. We need 7 people each day, so please sign up to help in this area. Sewing skills will not be required during fittings.

More information about the BBQ on Friday the 7th will be coming early next week.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

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