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Weekly Update - November 28, 2022

Good morning band families,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Just a few reminders for this week:

-Butter Braids fundraiser ends on Wednesday

-Big Trip meeting Tuesday at 6pm

-We are still in need of volunteers for the December 10th Fun Services event, there are 3 spots left in the 9-1 time slot and we need 12 volunteers for the 1-5 time slot. Remember, your student will earn money for working these, please sign up through the Sign Up Genius.

-The mattress fundraiser is Saturday December 3, if you know of anyone in the market for a mattress, send them to the school this Saturday!

-Please have your student bring an item for their section's silent auction basket, these items need to be brought in by Friday. Here are the details of the fundraiser:

When-It will take place at our December 8th Band Concert-you can bid that night and take your items home-We will be accepting Venmo, Paypal or Cash-no checks sorry. What-each section will have a theme that they will need to donate items for-something about $5.00 is the recommended amount to spend per student. Please have your student get in touch with their section leader and their group so we can make sure we have a variety of items. IMPORTANT-We need all items brought to the band room no later than Friday, December 2nd. Here are the themes-with some ideas

  • Coffee- FlutesCoffee (Different Types) Coffee Mugs Travel Mug Tea (Diff Types) Flavored Syrup Honey Sticks Sugar/Sweet-n-low Packets $5 Gift card Starbucks $5 Dunkin Donut/Krispy Kreme gift card

  • Spa/Chocolate-Trombones Large Chocolate Bar Mask Bath Bombs Nail Polish Remover Lotion Bubble Bath Body Scrub Nail File/Brush Head Massager Back Scratcher Loofah/ loofah gloves Socks/Lotion infused $5 Dollar Bath/Body Works Gift Card

  • Snack basket-Percussion Any type of Snack/Drink Powders

  • Family Fun Night-Altos/HornsCard games Snacks Board games Candy

  • Pets (Dog)- Trumpets Dog photo frame Bowl Dog socks Dog treats Collar Brush Poop bags/Holder Leash Collapsible bowls Water bottles Petsmart/Petco gift card Shampoo Blanket Doggie Tee-Shirt

  • Movie Night Basket- Baritones/ Tubas Movie snacks comfy socks Gift cards

  • All things Christmas- Clarinets

  • ornaments

  • Christmas treats

  • holiday decorations

  • scented candles Hot chocolate/wintertime- Low Reeds

  • marshmallows

  • hot chocolate bombs

  • candy canes

  • warm socks

  • hats and gloves

  • mugs

  • different flavors of hot chocolate

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! If you have any questions, please let me know! Jess Hughes

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