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Weekly Update - June 18, 2023

Good Evening band families and Happy Father's Day to our band Dads!

This week the students have rehearsal Tuesday AND Wednesday from 9 - 1pm.

Saturday is the car wash from 10am - 2pm. You should be receiving the sign up genius to volunteer to help with the car wash if you are able. The kids are doing the washing and drying. The adults are directing traffic, monitoring the wash and dry stations, and holding cans to collect tickets and day of money, plus we need to borrow a few items, please sign up if you are able to help, we cannot do the car wash without the help of the parents. If your student sold all of their tickets they should bring their money in a bag or envelope clearly labeled with their name and turn it in to Mr. Dailey on Tuesday or Wednesday during band camp or, if they haven't sold all their tickets, they can bring it to the car wash at the church and give it to Mr Dailey or Kim Flanagan.

The first band fee payment is due on Wednesday. Here are the payment options:

1) Mail a check to: HHSBPA P.O. Box 1731 Eastlake, CO 80614 2) Send a check with your students to school to give to Mr. Dailey (check payable to HHSBPA) 3) Pay via Zelle (**This is our preferred online payment method as the HHSBPA is not charged a fee**) use email: 4) Pay via Paypal (add 2% service fee) ( 5) Pay via Venmo (add 2% service fee) @horizonbandparents

You can find the link for payment on the website (see below). The password to look at your student's account is bandfees2021

Attached is the calendar and our digital car wash flyer, please feel free to share it!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

Thank you!

Jess Hughes

HHSBPA President

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