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Weekly Update - August 14

Good evening band families!

It is hard to believe that the beginning of the school year is about to start, but here we go! This week, the freshmen have school on Tuesday (which is also an early release day) and everyone is back on Wednesday (which is a full day), because it is the first week of school, there is no after school rehearsal on Tuesday.

We kick off two fundraisers this week. Mile of Money will be in person AND online this year. The students will be asked to provide emails for our online Mile of Money, they will be getting more instruction about that this week. The in person event will be held on Saturday, August 20 from 10-12 at the King Soopers on 136th and Colorado Blvd. The students will be playing their instruments while us adults collect money. This is a great time for the band to be in the community! This fundraiser is HUGE for the band, we were able to raise over $16,000 dollars last year, we need everyone's participation to make this a success. The students will be bringing home more information this week.

The second fundraiser to kick off this week is selling tickets for In N Out burger for the Showcase. This is new this year and we are very excited about it! Students will be performing on our school football field on Saturday September 10. There will be an In N Out food truck and Gulley's Snow to Go Hawaiian Ice truck. We will pre-sell tickets for the In N Out truck, tickets are $5 for a burger, chips and a drink, 75%, or $3.75, for each ticket your student sells will go into their account. Your student will get a sign-up sheet on Wednesday to keep track of tickets sold. Money needs to be collected and turned in with the sign up sheet by Tuesday September 6. We cannot sell tickets for In N Out the day of the Showcase. On September 10th, In N Out will serve dinners at 4pm, after dinner, the students will perform, it will be $5 at the gate to get into the showcase (kids 12 and under are free). This money will go into the general fund. In order for In N Out to come, we have to sell 200 tickets. This should be an awesome event, it will be a great time to come see what the students have put together this season and to support the band!

If you ordered peaches, we are hoping to have them this weekend. I will send an email out telling everyone what day and time you can come pick them up.

As a reminder, we have started Raise Right, it is an app that you can download or go to , our code is FE6467C75662L, right now you can recieve %18 back from Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic as a back to school promo. Remember, this costs you NOTHING, you earn money back and into your student's account on things you are already buying.

Lastly, there is still room available for the Boston/New York trip, to join you just need to register online. The trip information is on the band website and the registration can be found in the trip packet (also on the band website). Once registered, you will set up payments through our travel agent, you should get reminders from them about when payments are due. If you would like to use your student's account funds for the trip, let us know.

Thank you all for reading all the way to the bottom! I hope everyone has a wonderful week getting your students back to school, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

Jess Hughes

HHSBPA President

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