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Update from Mr. Dailey October 24 2022

Hello Band Families! I am thrilled for the marching band to qualify for state competition with a seeding of 10th place! This is one of the highest seeds we have accomplished in school history and that could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication from our Marching Hawks! We have one more week of rehearsals and special moments on Thursday to get ready for our competition, so please make sure we have as close to 100 % attendance as possible for the entire week. It’s so difficult when students are missing from practice as we rely on every member of the band to contribute to their role in the show program. Below is the schedule for this week, Quarterfinals on Friday, as well as a proposed schedule for Saturday. We don’t know what our seeding will be moving into Semi finals until after our quarters performance, and the schedule will depend on how they end up moving forward. Administration has made it clear that since the band is traveling more than 10 miles, per district guidelines, we are supposed to have the students all traveling with the band and team down and back to both Friday and Saturday competitions. I know some will be staying down in the Springs on Friday night in anticipation of a Saturday morning performance, so if we can keep the amount of students meeting us on Saturday morning to a minimum, it will make things much easier for the group. We’ve had students show up late, get caught up in the Air Force security checks, or not be able to find the band in the past, so it does add extra stress when the group isn’t all together, although I do understand that this isn’t avoidable for some already. If you do have a student staying with you on Friday night and are meeting the band, PLEASE be early to all call times and ready to meet up with the band as soon as the buses arrive. 10/25 Marching Band Rehearsal 5:30-8:30 pm 10/27 Marching Band Rehearsal and Special Moments 4:00-8:00 pm We do extended rehearsal after school until about 4:00 pm and then the students have until 6:00 pm for section time, eating dinner, and individual section traditions. 6:00 pm will start the special moments ceremony and we usually are done around 8:00 pm After the ceremony, parents come in and decorate the band room before we send the students off to Marching Band State! 10/28 CBA Quarterfinals: 7:00 am- Call time at Horizon HS 7:30 am- Depart for Falcon Stadium 4900 Stadium Blvd, Air Force Academy, CO 80840 9:00 am- Arrive at the stadium and unload buses, get ready for warm up. 10:05 am- Move to warm ups 11:45 am- QUARTERFINALS PERFORMANCE!!!! 12:00 pm- Marching Band Pictures 12:45 pm- 5A Quarterfinals Awards 1:00 pm- Lunch 1:30-3:00 pm- Watch the first 4A block of Bands 3:15 pm- Depart for HHS 4:45 pm- Arrive at HHS and dismiss for the day Ticket information and maps of the venue can be found at 10/29 CBA Semifinals/Finals: The call time will depend on the ranking of Quarterfinals on Friday but if we kept our current seed- 4:45 am- Call at HHS 5:00 am- Depart for Falcon Stadium 6:30 am- Arrive at stadium 6:50 am- Move to warm ups 8:30 am- Performance time (if we keep our current seed) 9:00 am- Watch 5A bands 11:45 am- 5A Semifinals awards and announce Finalist Bands 12:00 am- Lunch We’d then stay to watch 4A Semifinal competition with 4:00 pm Awards If we continue on to Finals- First performance starts at 5:15 pm and awards are at 9:30 pm We would eat dinner after our performance. We would leave CO Springs around 10 pm and get back to HHS around 11:30 pm 11/10 Band Banquet! Thursday, November 10th is going to be our Marching Band Celebration! The students do a dessert potluck, we watch a slideshow of pictures from the season, the latest band performance, and give out awards to the band members! It’s a great night to celebrate the hard work of the season and the whole family is invited! More information to come soon. Important Dates Coming up: 10/28-29- CBA State Festival 11/10- Marching Band Banquet (Student Center at HHS) 11/16-17- Horizon Jazz Festival 12/6- Horizon Winter Choir and Orchestra Concert 12/8- Winter Jazz Bands Concert 12/11- Winter Concert Bands Concert Tim DaileyDirector of Bands Horizon High School

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