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Update from Mr. Dailey - Sept. 26, 2022

Hello Band Families!

Here are the updated schedules for our events coming up! We are so excited to have the full show on the field and show it off at the football game and competition! Big Cat Marching Festival will be a prelims and finals show for all bands, they are not cutting any bands as they have a smaller show this year, so please expect a full day of marching band!

Pictures taken from Monarch Photographer!

September 30th Football Game- Senior Night, 8th Grade Night

1:37-3:30 pm- Class Rehearsal

3:30 pm- Music Rehearsal afterschool inside

4:30 pm- Dinner

5:30 pm- Depart for North Stadium

6:40 pm- Pre Show with 8th Grade Band Members!

7:00 pm- Kick off

8:00ish pm- Perform Halftime Show!! Senior Salute After

9:30-10:00 pm- Game wraps up, pack up and head back to HHS

10:30 pm- Back at Horizon, unload trailer and end

Big Cat Marching Festival

9:00 am- Call Time at HHS

9:30 am- Depart for NAAC 19500 W 64th Pkwy, Arvada, CO 80403

10:15 am- Arrive- Unload Trailer

11:05 am- Band Moves to Warm Ups

12:30 pm- Performance Time!!

2:00 pm- Prelim Awards

4:00 pm- Watch Bands in Finals Performances

6:00-7:30 pm- Expected Finals Performance Window

8:00 pm- Finals Awards

8:30 pm- Depart NAAC

9:30 pm- Arrive back at HHS

Douglas County Marching Invitational:

9:00 am- Call Time at HHS

9:45 am- Depart for Douglas County High School Stadium 2842 Front St.

Castle Rock, CO 80104

11:00 am- Arrive at the Stadium

11:45 am- Move to warm up

1:00 pm- Prelims Performance!!!

1:30 pm- Lunch

4:00 pm- Awards

Finals Schedule (if we proceed)

5:45 pm-8:45 pm

9:15 pm- Awards

9:45 pm- Depart for HHS

11:00 pm- Arrive and go home!

Important Dates Coming up:

9/30- Football Game- Band Senior Night AND 8th Grade Band members Joining HHS!

10/1- Big Cat Marching Festival

10/6- Jazz Band Concert

10/8- Douglas County Marching Invitational

10/11- Concert Band and Orchestra Concert

10/17- CBA Northern Regional

10/28-29- CBA State Festival

Tim Dailey

Director of Bands Horizon High School

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