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Silent Auction

The Holidays are here and this year we will be doing a silent auction fundraiser to help raise money for our general fund.

When-It will take place at our December 8th Band Concert-you can bid that night and take your items home-We will be accepting Venmo, Paypal or Cash-no checks sorry. What-each section will have a theme that they will need to donate items for-something about $5.00 is the recommended amount to spend per student. Please have your student get in touch with their section leader and their group so we can make sure we have a variety of items. IMPORTANT-We need all items brought to the band room no later than Friday, December 2nd.

Here are the themes-with some ideas

  • Coffee- FlutesCoffee (Different Types) Coffee Mugs Travel Mug Tea (Diff Types) Flavored Syrup Honey Sticks Sugar/Sweet-n-low Packets $5 Gift card Starbucks $5 Dunkin Donut/Krispy Kreme gift card

  • Spa/Chocolate-Trombones Large Chocolate Bar Mask Bath Bombs Nail Polish Remover Lotion Bubble Bath Body Scrub Nail File/Brush Head Massager Back Scratcher Loofah/ loofah gloves Socks/Lotion infused $5 Dollar Bath/Body Works Gift Card

  • Snack basket-Percussion Any type of Snack/Drink Powders

  • Family Fun Night-Altos/HornsCard games Snacks Board games Candy

  • Pets (Dog)- Trumpets Dog photo frame Bowl Dog socks Dog treats Collar Brush Poop bags/Holder Leash Collapsible bowls Water bottles Petsmart/Petco gift card Shampoo Blanket Doggie Tee-Shirt

  • Movie Night Basket- Baritones/ Tubas Movie snacks comfy socks Gift cards

  • All things Christmas- Clarinets

  • ornaments

  • Christmas treats

  • holiday decorations

  • scented candles

Hot chocolate/wintertime- Low Reeds

  • marshmallows

  • hot chocolate bombs

  • candy canes

  • warm socks

  • hats and gloves

  • mugs

  • different flavors of hot chocolate If anyone has any baskets they would like to donate for us to use for the items(you won't get the basket back) please contact Jill Concannon at This is a great, easy way to raise money for the band. With the holidays coming you can bid on a basket and win something for a family member or friend. Thank you for your support of this fundraiser.

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