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Summer, Phase 2 Marching Band Rehearsals!

Hello Band Families,

I had such a blast seeing the students last week at practice! Thank you for the flexibility with the waivers, forms, and temperature logs as well as the staggering practice times. As of the end of last week we can move forward and are cleared going into phase 2! This gives us more access to the building, longer rehearsal times, and equipment and instruments back so we can play, but the schedule will be a bit different stretching to 12:50 now for the last group.

We will need to keep being flexible and diligent with the process and also make sure that all students have had their temp taken and recorded on the Health Self Screening Log before EVERY rehearsal which is attached to this email. Please make sure the students have these logs with them and they are confident that their temperatures are taken between rehearsals so they can participate. It’s definitely not fun for us to send any students away from an activity they want to participate in, but we have to take into consideration the safety of all students and following protocol so we can continue to practice. If your student hasn't been to rehearsal yet, make sure they bring a waiver form AND the log to rehearsal.

To highlight a few important things for rehearsal:

  • The students can have equipment for stage 2. We will be playing with instruments and suggest students bring pep/stand folders so we don’t have to use stands and are better set up to play outside in our larger groups of 25 or less.

  • Coaches, sponsors and students will be required to bring their own hand sanitizer to workouts/meetings as well as their own water bottle.  No sharing or using water fountains or other sources of water/fluids/beverages.

  • All parking must be in the front staff parking lot. 

  • We will break into more practice areas the next few weeks, the back junior parking lot field, and the parking lot on the East by the mobles, and the color guard in front of the theater windows on that large grass field. The percussion will move inside in the Band Room (Pit) and Choir Room (Drum line) which are in groups of 10 or less.

  • Face masks policy is also attached to review.

  • Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing (do not share clothing) individual clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout.

  • Students will be required to depart the district facilities immediately after their scheduled workouts/meetings.

  • There will be access to restrooms, but only one student at a time. 

The rest of the Phase II details can be seen in the document below labeled "Adams 12 Phase II."

Here is the rest of the summer rehearsal schedule:

Here are the groups who come in at “staggered” times to help avoid too much traffic and have different locations than the main two parking lot:

Students will have 10 minutes in between so that we can safely enter and exit the practice areas without mixing the groups. The next group will not be allowed on the field until the entire last group has cleared out.

Phase 2-

June 23rd- 8 am-12:50 pm

June 30th- 8 am-12:50 pm

July 7th- 8 am-12:50 pm

July 9th- 8 am-12:50 pm

Tentative Band Camp Schedule:

August 3rd- August 7th- 8 am-5 pm

August 11th- 3-6 pm (Time Tentative)

August 13th- 3-6 pm (Time Tentative)

2020-2021 Communication:

Remind (Students and Parents Welcome to join): 

Text @hhsmh to 81010 or go to

We are in phase 2 for the rest of the Summer Rehearsals through July 9th and will keep consistent with this schedule. We also will have the award pick up at Horizon this Thursday from 5-7 pm with the award video being sent out around 1:00 pm on Thursday. 

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Tim Dailey/Director of Bands Horizon High School (720) 972-4472

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