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October Band Schedules & Information

Hello Band Families!

It's finally October and we have quite the busy month ahead of us! We have our last two football games, 3 competitions, concerts and of course our weekly rehearsals. Should be a month full of fun and getting better leading up to CBA State on 10/30! Here are the schedules for what's coming up:

Football Game Schedule 10/8:

1:39-4:00 pm- Marching band rehearsal (Class +30 minutes after)

4:00-4:30 pm- Students pack up, load the trailer, grab uniforms, and gather things in the band room.

4:30 pm- Dinner

5:30 pm- Depart for North Stadium (12500 Delaware Dr, Westminster, CO 80234)

5:45 pm- Arrive at the Stadium's Northern Gate, unload trailer, head to track for warm up

6:00 pm- Warm up for pre-game!

6:50 pm- Pre-Game performance

7:00 pm- Game Start

8:15ish pm- Halftime Performance (only half of the show, No props, because of Homecoming)

9:45 pm- Game end, load trailer and head back to Horizon

10:15 pm- Arrive at Horizon to unload and dismiss.

Big Cat Festival Schedule 10/16: 7:30 am- Call time at HHS 8:00 am- Depart for North Arvada Area Complex (NAAC) 8:45 am- Arrive 9:35 am- Move to warm ups 11:00 am- Performance time!! 11:30 am- Lunch 12:15 pm- Watch Bands for the rest of prelims 4:15 pm- Awards If No Finals Performance: 5:00 pm- Depart for HHS If we do have a Finals Performance: 4:35 pm- Earliest warm up times start Performance time will depend on day performance as well as dinner time. 9:40 pm- Awards Ceremony 10:00 pm- Depart for HHS CBA Northern Regionals Schedule 10/20: 11:55 am-1:00 pm- Marching Rehearsal, final run throughs 1:00 pm- Start Loading Trailer 5:00 pm- Call Time @HHS 5:45 pm- Depart for Centaurus HS 8:30 pm- Performance Time!!! 10:00 pm- Depart for HHS Student Balances:

Below is a link to see the current Student Balances. Please check these and try to get the fees paid and caught up as soon as possible! Any additional opportunities such as trips require the student fees from each season to be paid off to participate and we are in the process now of getting those trips planned.

Please contact us or see your email for the password.

I'm so excited to be back and in the thick of marching season! The students and staff have been hard at work improving the show and have been doing an excellent job continuing our growth through the season! Thank you in advance for all of the help at the shows, games, rehearsals with props, and concerts in the coming months. Our students benefit so much from our band community and what they learn through this activity, and that wouldn't be possible without parent help and support!

Thank you and have a great week!

You can also see more info on the event page on the website.

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