Legacy Marching Festival Sat, Sept 25th

Hey Band Families!

I'm so excited for the upcoming show this weekend! It's at our Home Stadium, we are in the prelims and finals format, and we should be showcasing a lot of improvements from last weekend! Thank you by the way to all of the families who came out to support, move equipment, help with the semi or props, handed out and cleaned up dinner or donated food, and of course chaperone. Like I said, it takes a village and our village showed up and kicked butt!!

We still need some help with this festival! Here is the link for the pit crew. We currently have 24 people signed up, but as you saw at Monarch, we need about 30 people to help move equipment and set up props. If you are available this Saturday, please sign up to help. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0545afaa22a5f58-hawk1

Saturday will be a long day for the students. We will be feeding them twice (sometimes this happens). Here is the link to sign up to help with food: https://mealtrain.com/vzqe7y.

Here is the schedule for the Legacy Marching Festival. There is a prelims AM and Prelims PM ticket difference, we perform at 10:45 AM during the Prelims AM slots. Finals will be pending on the morning contest! Any more info on the festival can be found here: http://legacybands.org/legacy-marching-festival/#1570726030646-24735388-2cb8

Legacy Marching Festival: