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Santa's Secret Shop

Our band has the opportunity to earn $4200 for our general band fund by filling slots at Fun Services to help them pack boxes for their Santa's Secret Shop. This fund helps to pay for transportation for the kids, supplies for serving meals, renting the UHaul, repairs to the band trailer, and so much more. It is easy work and really fun.

Dinner will be provided on the Friday night shifts. Lunch breaks will be given on the Saturday shifts. We need 15 people for each Friday night and 30 people for each Saturday. We do realize that it conflicts some with our Parade of Lights performances.If we could work together as a team as our kids do to make this happen, we could earn lots of money. Some could work Friday and watch Saturday and vice-versa. It's $4200 easy dollars!

If you can work a WHOLE day on either Saturday, please sign up for both the morning and afternoon slots. Thanks!!

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