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Horizon High School Jazz

Sign-up and Audition Information 2021-2022

Non-Audition AND Audition Groups!!!


Please fill out the Google Form Below to Claim Your Spot in a Horizon Jazz Band!


If you’d like to Audition for the upper leveled Jazz 2 or Jazz 1:


Sign up for a slot on February 24th and March 3rd, from 5:00-6:30 p.m.


What to Prepare?


1. Bb Blues or F Blues Scales in a swing 8th note style. (1-2 Octaves)

2. Chromatic Scale:

  1. Wind players-entire range in a swing 8th note style. (Only go as high and low as you can with your BEST sound)

  2. Rhythm Section 2-3 octaves.

3. 16-24 bars of a Swing or Latin Chart that showcases your ability to play correct style.

NOTE: Those playing drum set will need to demonstrate beat patterns for Swing, Latin, and Rock styles. Play 8 - 12 measures of each style.


Guitar, Piano, Bass, and Drum Set Players: No experience in Jazz needed, ability to read notated music preferred.


Audition Sign Ups (Please still fill out the Google Form Above):

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